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2016 · SHENZHEN 深圳

STRATEGY 品牌策划  /  VI 视觉形象升级





YUN Cuisine is a food brand that makes bridge rice noodles as their competitive product. Since the first restaurant opened in 2014, it has become the best seller of rice noodles in Shenzhen due to its high operational efficiency. The reason why Yun Cuisine could make their way out in the fierce competition market is that it thinks outside of the box and rebuild the package of rice noodles and branding it, differenciates itself from other competitors.

Rice noodles is extremely popular in China these days. Under fierce competition, Yun Cuisine is facing its bottleneck due to its simple brand theme which is easy to be intimated by other brands.  While every brands is transforming, Yun Cuisine needs to find its own attributes within itself, upgrade its visual identification, enrich the brand characteristics to make a breakthrough.

The core of this project is to unearth the brand attributes of Yun Cuisine among most elements from Yunnan.  In addition to representing the beauty, Yunnan is more original, simple, and free-spirited in our eyes. “Man and nature are brothers” is one of the themes of Naxi Nationality in Yunnan  who live in harmony with the nature.

Based on the opinions mentioned above and the dicussion with the founders, we arrive the conclusion that Yun Cuisine is not only selling their bridge rice noodles but also represents an atititude towards living in harmony with nature, reverencing the nature, respecting labour and having a happy life. According to our positioning, the new brand identity design is creative, cultural, original and full of life. We choose the Dongba character from Naxi Nationality as our main clue to upgrade the VI system of Yun Cuisine.


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