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2016 · SHENZHEN 深圳

STRATEGY 品牌梳理  /  VI 视觉系统  /  SI 空间设计




LaCésar, the starter of durian pizza, who has been a star brand of the catering industry in China these years. In terms to the brand strategy, it is a company that initiate a brand new category with its explosive popular durian pizza in China.

A systematic visual identification system will boost the operation and expansion of a chained-brand restaurant. During the upgrade process, our job is to make LaCésar have more connections to the consumers through an impressive brand visual identification system.  We believe that an impressive brand image can occupy the customers’ mind and give rise to interaction between the restaurant and customers.

While only optimizing the logo of LaCésar, we create a super icon for it so as to give rise to the interaction between the restaurant and customers in a clearer and simpler way.  The brand spirits of “ Happy to change, Creative chef,  Make fun”  has been reflected in every part from granphic design, spacing, events to marketing. We believe that the more communication,fun and interaction  are made, the more place that a brand occupies in the mind of the customers while adding more value and meanings to the brand itself.


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