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​小桥妹 · 山城牛肉面

2016 · SHENZHEN 深圳

STRATEGY 品牌梳理  /  VI 视觉系统  /  SI 空间设计




Based on an explosive growth in market demand and years of technical experience, Fook aims to developing “Chongqing XiaoMian” into a new noodle brand “XIAO QIAO MEI NOODLE” so as to use the fast-growing market opportunities to promote a new round of expansion and development of FOOK.

Chongqing XiaoMian is a traditional snacks originated from Chongqing, but the development of a catering brand bases on brand awareness and standard operation and management. While we upgrade this new brand “XIAO QIAO MEI”, we need to work out how to occupy the minds of young adults consumers  while still keep the characteritics of Chongqing traditional snacks.

The vision identity design of XIAO QIAO MEI represents a modern and urban image with new Chinese style. It meets the aesthetics of modern young adults while keeping the Chongqing tradition. The logo uses an official stamp as its main structure to represent the good quality of the product. The expanded design of it is patterns combined with lines and letters. The main brand color is red, with other bright colors as sub colors to represent a vivid and lively feeling. Large hand drawing on the wall shows a glimpse of market scene in ancient Chongqing. The overall visual and spacing design display a refreshing, comfortable and modern style that is different from other traditional styles.


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