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2017 · SHENZHEN 深圳

VI 视觉系统  /  SI 空间设计



- 标志造型来自“清晖”的拼音首字母“Q”,同时亦含“Quality”高品质与精湛厨艺的寓意。在升级过程中为保证品牌延续性,标志保留并优化了原有的锦鲤元素,使其成为视觉焦点。

- 圆形象征圆满团聚,锦鲤象征吉利,两者巧妙组合成“Q”,传递岭南文化印象和轻松亲切的视觉感受,寓意消费者在此欢聚一堂、品味美食。

- 形象以浅蓝灰和深灰色为主,整体物料简洁明快,清新雅致。

- 餐饮空间延续品牌调性,在明亮温暖的空间中融入游鳞涟漪、园林盆景以及岭南风格隔断等元素,打造对景相成、步移景异的视觉效果,顾客在其中感受到温馨、柔和、精致与时尚,突出品牌在同类市场的竞争差异性,为品牌带来全新的视觉感受与完整的空间体验。

QINGHUI RESTAURANT is a catering brand that focusing on Shunde cuisine. There was not a perfect visual identification system in the restaurant, and the dining space was hard to leave a great impression on customers let alone providing them with a great dining experience.


The targeted customers of QINGHUI RESTAURANT are families. We try to display the  customers the characteristics of “True taste, Homely food, Superb techonique” in Shunde cuisine with a  simple, relaxing and a particular brand image, and represents the idea that this restaurant can make you feel warm welcomed and home.


- The logo is made up of the initial “Q” from the pinyin of character “清”and word “Quality”, which means good quality and great cooking technique. In order to ensure brand continuity during the upgrade process, the logo retains and optimizes the original koi elements, making it a visual focus.

- The circle is clear to see in the logo means reunion while the koi means good luck, two elements are creatively combined together as a “Q”, which gives a relaxing effect and leaves an impression of Lingnan culture.

- The brand image uses pearl blue and dark grey as main colors, the overall design represents a simple and refreshing style.   

- The spacing design is the expansion of the image tones. Pool, bonsai, partitions are set into the bright and warm restaurant to create a Lingnan style and you can have different scenes as you walking. Featuring a Lingnan and rustic style, customers could feel the warm, relaxing and positive ambience while having Shunde food, which makes Qinghui Restaurant different from similar restaurants and brings a refreshing dining experience to customers.


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