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Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling


2016 · SHENZHEN 深圳

STRATEGY 品牌策划  /  VI 视觉形象升级




The authentic  soup dumplings  from LAO SHENG CHANG DUMPLING has been its competitive products.  Since 1999, Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling has transformed and developed continuously.  Its three founders have continuesly highlighted and developed the Chinese traditional cooking techniques, providing the consumers with rest assured,  high cost-effective and tasty Chinese dim sum. Nowadays, Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling has become a time-honoured food brand in the eyes of the consumers.

As a time-honored brand of Chinese traditional food, Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling has its advantages on quality and price.  However, with the growth of young consumers and changes of the market demand,  there are more and more simulate brands try to intimate Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling, which makes consumers  have difficulty in recognizing  these brands. Therefore, Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling  needs to rebuild and upgrade a new brand image so as to leave a unique impression on consumers, enhance a strong brand recognition and erect a barrier.

The affinity between brand and customers is irreplacable . A time-hornored traditional brand makes customers feel like they are welcome and at home. In our brand upgrading for Lao Sheng Chang Dumpling, the logo is with the image that a Chinese chef holding three soup dumplings,  creatively using simply lines to combine three faces into one face, which represents the three founders make joint efforts in this  company.  The overall image is classical but creative,  narrows the distance between brands and consumers and leaves a deeper impression on customers.


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